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We’ve all been there. We’ve been to those parties where the planner neglected to provide good entertainment for all of the guests: the guests talk about work or the latest gossip at the gym; they look at their watches wondering how much longer they have to stay; they cringe at the latest Karaoke rendition of “Don’t Stop Believing”; they gather at the bar or play those drinking games from the college days. What they aren’t doing is having a good time.

A Casino Night Party can change everything!Guests are having a great time at the roulette wheel

Use your imagination for a minute.

  • Imagine your guests moving around, mingling with others, making new friends—instead of sitting at the same table with the same people they eat lunch with.
  • Imagine the finance manager high-fiving the third-floor janitor for winning at roulette—instead of standing in a closed circle with the other members of the accounting department.
  • Imagine the shy girl from homeroom cheering and applauding at the winning roll at the craps table—instead of slipping out the door unnoticed.
  • Imagine the bride’s grandmother celebrating with the groom’s best friend as they both beat the dealer at black jack—instead of nodding off in the corner.
  • Imagine the surprised looks on their faces when they realize the party is over—instead of leaving before the door prizes.


It can happen.


You can make it happen.

Feel like a winner at Ed's 21 table.




DMH’s professional dealers at a Casino Night Party will keep your guests entertained. They will explain the games, engage in patter, and ensure that everyone has a great time.  The stand-up gaming tables encourage guests to mingle, to be near people they don’t know well, and to make new friends. The excitement at the gaming tables draws the attention of even those who aren’t playing.

Don’t gamble on the success of your event. Host a Casino Night Party with the professionals of Dead Man’s Hand.


Dead Man’s Hand offers Casino Night Party Rentals for all types of events and for any number of guests.


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