Casino Party Setup Guidelines & F.A.Q.

  • Is a Casino Party Nights and Casino Fundraisers legal in the State of North Carolina?


YES!! It’s very legal. The North Carolina Gambling Law states as long as there is NO real currency in play on our tables. Give us a call and we will explain the details on how to award prizes to your party guest without breaking any laws.


  • How does a Casino party theme work?


Example: When your guests arrive to your event they are given a $500 voucher that they can exchange at any of our tables for chips. They can play at any table throughout the evening. If your guests do not know how to play any of the games, our dealers will be happy to explain the game to them so that everyone has fun and experiences the casino like atmosphere. At the end of the evening guests turn in their chips for either raffle tickets or vouchers with their winning amounts for a chance  to win prizes provided by the host/hostess.


  • How long does a Casino party night/ fundraiser event last?


Our prices are based on three hours of actual casino time plus one hour or less for set up and break down. Any additional hours can be prorated.


  • What’s included with our service?


We provide gaming tables, and all the accessories needed to play the games. Our professional, fun and friendly dealers are there to teach/entertain your guests. We will provide “funny money” or vouchers to pass out to your guests to play and to “cash out” too. Most of all we include exciting casino fun that you and your guests will remember for a lifetime!


  • How many games do you need for an event?


We recommend about 70% of your party to be able to play. So for example, If you have a list of 100 guest you should have enough spots on the gaming tables for 70 players at any given time.  However, we want to keep you within your budget so we will work with you on trying to get enough gaming spots for your party event. Now keep this in mind, if you choose to have less than the 70% coverage we suggested you may find that some guests may have to wait to play or put some time limits on playing time, so that all party guest are given the chance to participate equally. We want to ensure that all your guests have a great time! You can look at our Casino Party Table chart for the suggested table count based on number of guests you’re anticipate to host. Here are the number of playing spots for each type of casino night table. 

        Blackjack = 7 playing spots
        Hold’em Poker = 9 playing spots
        Roulette = 9 playing spots
        Craps = 8-10 playing spots


  • ​How much space do I need for the gaming tables?


The Blackjack and poker tables need around 50 square feet. A Craps and Roulette table need about 60 square feet. This should leave enough room for the dealers, players to be able to get around comfortably.

       Blackjack, = 68 wide x 38 deep x 36 high
       Hold’em Poker = 96” x 42” x 30”
       Roulette = 84”= L x 39” W (45” W at wheel end) x 32”

Craps = 120” L x 48” W x 39 ” H


  • Do you provide chairs?


We do not provide chairs for any of the games. As for poker tables, the host of the party will be responsible for the chairs. The reason we don’t provide the chairs for the other games is so that all your guest have the opportunity to play plus it keeps the games moving along smoothly.



  • Do I need to provide prizes for my party guest?


No, but your guests will enjoy themselves a lot more if they are playing for something. Usually, casino party prizes include different types of gift cards, gadgets, bottles of wine or movie tickets provided by the host. And that’s just to name a few, so be creative.


  • ​Do I tip the dealer or can my guest tip them?


Due to the North Carolina State Laws, we do not permit guest to tip the dealers at any gaming  table. If you would like to include a gratuity in your final bill for them, it would be greatly appreciated. A separate check for gratuity can be written out for the dealers at the end of the event or charged to your credit/debit card if you so choose. You can be sure either way, our dealers will be fun, professional and happy to entertain everyone.


  • What’s the minimum age required to play?


There is no minimum age to play! there isn’t any gambling involved. We provide casino entertainment only. We can do high school graduation parties, youth group fun nights and even kid’s birthday parties, the types of party planning ideas are endless!


  • How do I make a booking and what is the criteria?


We will have you sign a contract and a 50% retainer to hold your reservation. The remaining balance is due 72 hours before your party event. We accept the following forms of payment: Cash, check, debit, credit cards and paypal.


  • Are you insured?


We carry general liability insurance and certificates of our insurance are available upon request.


  • What is your cancellation policy and making changes for my casino party?


Your deposits is refundable provided that a written notice of cancellation is received (email or by mail) at least 10 days prior to your casino event. Making changes to time, date and tables may also be made with a written notice of change is received, again, at least 10 days prior to your casino party event.


However, holidays are NON refundable do to the demand and high volume business we receive on such special days. We hate for you to lose your deposit, so you have the option to apply your deposit towards another booking of a casino event up to 6 months from the original casino event. Changes  like, time, date and tables to your casino event for holidays need to be writtento us 30 days prior to your party.


  • When do you set up your equipment and break it down? 


We will deliver and have our casino table and props setup complete within 1 hour or less before the start of your party. Early setup must be arranged ahead of time and additional charges may apply. The tear down of our equipment begins at the end of the casino party unless prior arrangements have been made with us. 


  • What areas of North Carolina do you serve?


We provide serves to most Western North Carolina but not limited too. Below is a list of the following counties.


BuncombeHendersonTransylvaniaPolkRutherfordMcDowellAveryWataugaMitchell,   YanceyMadisonHaywoodJacksonSwainCherokeeGrahamMaconClay to name a few.


If you’re new to this area, here is few towns or cities we serve in these counties. You will notice, the list of counties are linked so you can check for yourself where you might reside if we don’t list your city.


AshevilleArdenHendersonvilleBrevardHighlandsCashiersLake Toxaway, Waynesville, CantonMaggie Valley, Lake JunaluskaCherokeeSylvaBryson CityWhittierRobbinsville,  MurphyRutherfordtonBlack MountainBooneLenoirWeavervilleMars HillFletcher,  Blowing RockFlat Rock and many more!

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